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Veretekk free Silver membership. 40 portals leads creation marketing system
Welcome To Golden Panda Surf!
Our manual traffic exchange system is designed to increase your website traffic. It has a 1:1 exchange ratio. For every website you visited, you will have 1 visitor back to your website. The more websites you surfed, the more traffic you will get to your website. You can get unlimited number of free website hits per day!

Furthermore, you can earn additional credits and up to 12% cash from our 6 levels referral program! Refer people to Golden Panda Surf using our promo materials (such as banners and splash pages) and get rewarded now.
Features/Benefits of Free Membership
1:1 exchange ratio
20 seconds per surfing
Free 50 website hits upon signing up
Free 100 banner & text ad impressions each upon signing up
You can promote 5 websites, banners & text adverts each
You can build your downline for 5 affiliate programs
You can track 5 URLs
You can promote 2 rotators
Surfing & referral contests
You can win cash & credits from our random prizes
5 levels referral program (7%-5%-3%-2%-1%)
Unlimited surfing
...and much more